Krux K5 VIP DLK Trucks

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Bring your VIP status to the club with these velvet K5 DLK trucks and get in behind the velvet rope for some pricey bottle service. Featuring red velvet hanger, matte black baseplate, gold hardware and kingpin, and black cushions.

The Krux K5 DLK (Down-Low Kingpin) Truck has all the improved features of our K5 standard truck including the Pur-fect Turn, quicker turning geometry, a new pivot shape & more durable injection molded pivot cup, with a revolutionary inverted kingpin that locks into a shaft-nut in the baseplate, for ultimate grind clearance, strength and rigidity.

Patented Design

Axle 8.00 in,8.25 in
Height 55 mm
SubType Standard
Weight 349,355
Width 8.00,8.25